Top 5 Exercise Myths Debunked

We have greater access to information, but it isn’t always accurate. Here are a few exercise myths.

  1. No pain no gain – Exercise shouldn’t hurt. If a trainer uses that cliche to motivate you, you should better find someone else for your fitness advice. While a good workout often results in some genuine pain the next day, pain while you’re working out could be an indicator that you’re exercising wrong or have an injury.
  2. You can slim your belly with crunches – Doing sit-ups to burn belly fat seems logical but is physiologically impossible. That’s because exercising burns calories all over your body, not just in the area you’re targeting. The only solution to this is burning body fat through a calorie restricted diet.
  3. More exercise More results – Too much exercise in fact has an adverse impact on the body. Research shows that short sessions of vigorous exercise can deliver the same benefits as a much longer workout done at a moderate pace.
  4. Regular exercise gives you the freedom to eat to your heart’s content – Sadly no, Exercising aids in burning calories, building muscles, and helps improve your metabolic rate. But that doesn’t give you the freedom to sneak cookies and ice cream whenever you want.
  5. Women shouldn’t lift weights – Women are afraid of weights because they don’t wish to get “man-muscles.” Lifting weights has many benefits like decreasing body fat, gaining strength, increasing bone intensity, reducing risk of injury, improving physical appearance, enhances mood and reduces stress.

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