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5 Remedies For Sore Muscles

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Ever had an awesome workout and felt that sore muscles the next day? Although the sensation of all those endorphins released during workout is satisfying but the muscle fatigue (Sore muscles, also known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)) can hinder in your everyday workout and fitness goals.

While pushing yourself harder during a workout session whether in the gym, a yoga class or aerobics, don’t forget to remedy that soreness with our tips:

1) Get the right food in: Protein is required to repair the sore muscles when you are working out regularly. Also try to get some pineapples in as they have inflammatory benefits!

2) Put ice on it: Ice also helps to reduce the inflammation and can minimize the soreness! Get some ice cubes or a ice pack and ice your muscles for 15-20 minutes in initial days!

3) Massage: Give yourself a quick massage therapy with warm coconut oil or olive oil to quickly get relief from sore, tight muscles within 1-2 hours!

4) Epsom salt bath: Epsom salt helps to increase the blood flow in the muscles and rids the stiffness from it. Take a bath or you can easily make a rice heat pad for it which can speed up the healing process.

5) Stretch, Don’t overtrain: Muscles get sore when they don’t have that much flexibility. SO before and after a workout always stretch with total body mobility exercises. Also you have to give rest to your body to repair itself so don’t go for a heavy workout the very next day!

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