4 Reasons Why Basil Leaves Are Good For You

4 Reasons Why Basil Leaves Are Good For You

Basil leaves often known as ‘king of herbs’. It is popularly known as tulsi. it is basically an herb featured in Italian and south Asian cuisines. it has a strong pungent taste and sweet in smell. it is also known considered as the royal herb in Asian countries.

It contains certain medicinal properties which make people consume it on a regular basis. consuming basil leaves on a regular basis keeps your body fit and healthy. four to five are good for your healthy start. basil is an herb with antioxidant properties which keeps on boosting immunity and prevents chronic diseases.

Few leaves in your routine would do magic to your health:

1. Acne and blemishes: flawless skin and sudden breakout or pimples usually irritate you. wash your face with water after a breakout. Take few basil leaves in a water, keep the water still for 10 minutes, dip a cotton ball and apply to the breakout, and then rinse it after 10 minutes. Do this twice in a day.

2. Stress reliever: work stress is a frequent health problem. water is the basic solution when sipped with basil leaves. on other hand, basil leaves have properties which lower down the stress boosting hormone. Whenever stressed with work, add two-three basil leaves to your tea.

3. PMS fix: women usually face bloating and cramps during that time of the month. would love to eat basil leaves at that time. Eat fresh fruits and sprinkle slices basil leaves for the taste. basil leaves are loaded with onion, can help to lower the bloating.

4. Deep cleanser: Being a royal herb, it not only takes care of the skin and health but the overall body. it acts as the detoxifier for the liver. Basil leaves every morning can keep you fit. It keeps you away from indigestion problems and rejuvenates your body.

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