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Nutra Grace

Grace Breatheasy 60ml

Grace Breatheasy 60ml

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 Grace Breathe Easy Spray is a powerful spray for respiratory tract related issues and is a blend of various herbal oils. All the ingredients are in their purest from which will give you the direct health benefits.

Benefits of using Grace Breatheasy:

1) Prevents Seasonal cough and cold.
2) Helps in clearing respiratory tract congestion.
3) Provides relief from respiratory allergies or any other type of irritation in the respiratory tract.


Grace Breath Easy : Camphor Oil , Eucalyptus Oil. Oregano Oil, Rosemary Oil , Turmeric Oil, Tulsi Oil ,
(Apply It Gently on Nose ,Throat and Chest)

Direction to use

Step 1: Spray the required amount on your hands.
Step 2: Apply it on the affected area (Nose, Throat and Chest).
Step 3: It can also be used to spray on the inner surface of the mask in order to keep you safe from getting infections

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