5 Asana For Your Fitness

5 Asana For Your Fitness

Having a soft glowing, beautiful skin is what everyone needs. Skin is the best part of the body causes it beautifies your body and it compliments your body. Skin protects our body from different injuries and so does yoga does to your skin. Yoga helps you add a glow to your flawless skin. Yoga encourages proper blood circulation, which in turn, feeds skins cells with proper nutrients and helps to wash out toxins. This clears acnes, removes dullness and improves your skin health.

Yoga plays an important role in your body. It makes your body healthy and flushes the toxins. It is a holistic approach to your body because it strengthens, cures and tones your skin. Here are yoga poses which help to have a startling effect on your skin if performed regularly.

1. Pranayam: Kapalbharti pranayama is the secret approach to your skin care. It is one skin tip for glowing skin. Breathing plays an important role, doing kapalbhartiPrayanam early in the morning for 15 minutes can do magic to your skin. Fresh air is also needed for your body apart from just eating.

2. Tadasana: It is also known as mountain pose. This is related to breathing. It balances the rythmatic breathing, which is essential for healthy skin. This is the basic yoga pose one can perform once in a day.

3. Uttanasana: Yoga poses which bends your body from front and back helps to circulate blood on face and makes oxygen reach out. The nutrients in your body fights the radicals and encourages dead skin removal and fine lines with rosy look.

4. The Bharadvaja’s twist: Poses which involve twisting, especially from the waist improves digestion and excretory system. This system ensures that it flushes out toxins out of the body and improves the tissue health.

5. Utkatasana: Yoga seems easy, but when performed, it is challenging. Utkatasana is one of them. It makes your heart beat faster, increasing the blood circulation throughout the body which leads to making your body sweat out impurities.

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