5 Best Summer Dresses

5 Best Summer Dresses

Does your morning routine include a quick shower and a run to the office or school? You must have heard the benefits of lukewarm water benefits on an empty stomach!

Did you know that it removes toxins from your body, improves blood circulation and helps digestive track to function effectively? Boost up your health with these 5 additives in your morning water!

1) Honey with Lemon

Honey is best to get clear skin, increase immunity,
good digestion system, boosts energy and cleanse the liver. If you are wondering about the calories in honey, don’t worry as it clears out the unwanted toxins from your body which stores fats & unwanted starch!

2) Apple cider vinegar with honey

Apple cider vinegar with honey has more benefits for relieving joint pain, solve digestive problems, and also helps you in losing that unwanted fat while helping you lose weight!

3) Cumin with lemon water

Drinking this powerful combination helps you to repair slow metabolism, sole constipation problem amongst other illness.
For this magical drink, let cumin seeds soak overnight and boil it then allow to cool down a little before drinking it!

4) Cucumber water

High in fibre and low in calories, Cucumber is rich in vitamin B, potassium and full of antioxidants. It additionally Improves your  Brain Health, Hydrate Your Muscles and Supports Digestion. Just add some slices into a jar and let it soak overnight for the perfect morning detox!

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