5 Health Benefits Of Dry Fruits And Nuts

5 Health Benefits Of Dry Fruits And Nuts

Dry Fruits and nuts are loaded with essential nutrients. There are packed in small packages but are a good source of proteins, iron, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. From health benefits to medicinal benefits, it gives you a reason to add dry fruits and nuts in your daily meals.

Dry fruits need to be added to your diet plan, it boosts the energy levels instantly and retains strength. A handful of dry fruits and nuts in your diet keeps you healthy and fit. Dry fruits possess a lot of medicinal properties which is needed for your body. Must keep restrictions on the amount of intake. One must consume it every day.

Here are the reasons why one must consume it:

1. Hemoglobin: almonds is the key to boosts your hemoglobin. Many dry fruits come has a vitamin booster but almonds and cashew nuts concentration on producing energy. There is a higher amount of blood vessel circulation. Dry fruits focus on improving your memory.

2. Constipation: some dry fruits helps us from indigestion problems. Raisins when swallowed, swells up and absorbs the water and reliefs from constipation. Similarly, pistachios contain fiber which fights this indigestion period. Eating almonds and walnut helps to say goodbye to constipation.

3. Cholesterol: cashew nuts, almonds, and pistachio are perfect food intake for reducing your cholesterol levels. Raisin is a good source of magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus which helps to regulate blood pressure.

4. Cancer: Almonds contains certain properties which fight cancer. The presence of bioflavonoids helps it to reduces the building of cancer cells. Cashew nuts and walnuts fight dread diseases. Also, Pistachio protects your skin from skin cancer cells.

5. Weight: Losing weight is the big challenge. Consuming dry fruits and nuts everyday can help you lose weight faster. Dry fruits and nuts are loaded with energy and dietary fiber. It helps with vitamins and minerals. Dates and raisin are perfect from people suffering from anaemia.

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