5 Morning Habits for a Healthier You

5 Morning Habits for a Healthier You

Are you struggling to keep your immunity levels up? Do you wish you would wake up happy and not cranky all the time? Is your new year’s resolution to stay fit and become healthier? Start your morning with these 5 habits and see your life transform in no time!

1) Stretch, Stretch, Stretch

Increase your flexibility with some normal stretching exercises as soon as you wake up with calf stretch, shoulder stretch and Butterfly pose!

2) Lukewarm water with Tonic

Need immunity boost? Then add half a lemon to your lukewarm water. Need digestion relief? Then add ginger tonic to your lukewarm water! The tonic addition is up to your body needs! Listen to it carefully!

3) Dry Brush is the new Rush

Ever tried dry brushing? Just select a soft bristle brush and brush your body from bottom to your lymphatic system or heart in circular motions and repeat with top to the heart! Voila you are done, then take a warm bath or a cold shower for that morning boost!

4) Break your fast

Get some Breakfast- Do you always end up missing or skipping your breakfast? Get in the habit of eating after an hour you wake up to kick start your immune system properly. Don’t forget to get the hydration with 1-2 glasses of water!

5) Work your Mind and Body

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! You don’t need any explanation of the benefits of working out! Even a run around the neighborhood or an hour of yoga can do wonders to your body! For mental strength and peace, include meditation into your morning routine!

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