5 Oils For Your Body

5 Oils For Your Body

Oil are important for your skin care and hair care. People spend huge amounts on testing their skin and hair condition and they themselves damage and injure their skin with different types of creams and lotions. Cream and lotion contain certain ingredients which moisturises skin for few hours but our body needs to be moisturized twenty-four hours. Oil keeps this skin and hair conditions. Oil is the purest and simplest straightforward approach for high quality and textured skin.

Oil tend to rejuvenate your skin and hair. The magical healing properties every oil has on your body which cannot be measured. They help in boosting your immune system and the response of endocrine.

Here are oils for your body:

1. Olive Oil: It is made from fresh olives. This oil does magic to your health. Moisturizing skin and its elasticity are maintained, it acts as an antioxidant to fight various radicals, applying under eye reduces wrinkles and helps to regenerate textured skin. On another hand, when massaged on hair it removes dryness and dandruff. Frizzy hair and split ends can now get a solution.

2. Coconut oil: It is a rich source of protein, vitamin E and fatty acids that can be easily absorbed by skin and hair. Applying coconut oil can prevent wrinkles and skin sagging. It nourishes the hair and reduces hair loss. It is a medicine to all damaged skin tissues and infections. It soothes faster.

3. Almond Oil: it has a high amount of omega-9 fatty acids. almond oil helps deep cleansing the skin pore that gives flawless smooth skin. Massaging regularly removes tanning and dark circles. It reduces skin rashes and its properties help you look young. It controls hair fall and helps to grow it long and shiny.

4. Tea Tree Oil: it is a volatile essential oil which treats wound with its antiseptic properties. It fights skin infections and acnes. Massaging on the skin can do wonder to your skin health. It reduces the chances of acquiring fungal infections and cures insect bites.

5. Rosehip Oil: it is extracted from seeds of roses. It is a good source of vitamin C and lycopene. It regenerates skin tissues and maintains skin elasticity. It is the best remedy for stretch marks. Rosehip oil works for hair as well. It removes hair dryness and dandruff.

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