7 Types Of Foods To Avoid In Diabetes

7 Types Of Foods To Avoid In Diabetes

Individuals with diabetes have high glucose levels on the grounds that their bodies don’t make or utilize insulin effectively. Making wise alternative food choices, be that as it may, can enable you to keep your glucose level in the healthy range and keep a check on your cholesterol levels. Eliminate the below-given food groups from your daily intake and make alterations in your decisions:

1) White Bread, White Pasta, and Rice:

Pretty much anything that is produced using white flour rather than whole grains should give you a reason to switch to a healthier choice.Switch to whole grain bread rather than the white variant, whole wheat pasta instead of the white one, and brown rice instead of white rice. These alternatives will give you some additional fiber, which will keep your glucose levels in check.

2) Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits like raisins and blueberries or cranberries contain sugar in more concentrated forms than the actual fruit which infers to high levels of carbohydrates. It is best to stop consuming them or limit your weekly intake to 2-3 days with 30 grams each.

3) Sugary Soft Drinks:

Did you know a small serving or a can of cola contains as much as 10 teaspoons of sugar which are not healthy even for a person without diabetes? Go for an unsweetened ice-tea or use stevia if you are really craving some sugar and If you prefer carbonated drinks, go for sparkling water with some infused minerals and vitamins.

4) Fruit Juice:

While fiber-rich fruits are healthy for individuals with diabetes, fruit juice are certainly not.They have a high concentration of fructose (fruit sugar) and little to no amount of fiber which can cause your glucose to shoot up.

5) Dairy:

Dairy products are a major source of calcium and also contain proteins and vitamins, which are essential for everyone and can be consumed by diabetes patients on an everyday basis. The key here is to choose low-fat options instead of full-fat options like full-fat milk, full-fat cream or full-fat ice-cream which will keep their cholesterol levels under control.

6) Fatty Meat:

Certain portions of meat are very high in saturated fats, which increases cholesterol levels and promote inflammation in the body which puts diabetes patients at higher risks of heart diseases. Instead, choose lean proteins like skinless chicken, turkey, fish or shellfish.

7) Alcohol:

Before going on an Alcohol spree or a party book your appointment with your doctor to make sure that it’s safe for you to drink alcohol, as it interferes and alters your blood-sugar levels. If you do decide to drink, keep it in moderation.

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