8 Tips For Baby’s Brain Development

8 Tips For Baby’s Brain Development

New-borns are adorable during their birth. Do you want your little one to be smart? At birth, 100 million neurons develop child’s brain. During the early years, trillions of them keeps building. You need to pay attention to proper care and nourishment to your new-born for proper brain development. Childhood is the prime time to stimulate and enrich the learning skills.

Someone well said that “sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” Same way, your baby’s brain is smallest but has neurons which develops brain functioning.

Here are 8 tips for your little one’s brain development:

  1. Respond promptly when your baby cries

Nurture and cuddle your baby so that there’s a positive brain circuitry in the brain. Your calmness towards the baby and increasing day to day engagement can help baby build an emotional bond with you.

  1. Build trust by being attentive and focused

Babies get easily attached to people whom they meet every day. They feel secure and safe with they meet regularly. They learn and develop a sense of belonging with the people engaged with them. Be consistent in your responses towards the baby.

  1. Use body massage

Body massage relaxes the baby from stress and enhances feelings of well-being. Your touch can promote baby’s growth. Premature babies need three times more massage then the normal ones.

  1. Respond to coos with delighted vocalization

Names and voices they hear regularly helps them discover your speech and language input. Whenever to speak to your bay make your words sound sweet cause other side it’s learning the same. They acquire rich language, reasoning and planning skills easily.

  1. Be attentive

Pay attention to your baby’s voice, pointer and interest. If you gaze and the spot they are pointing makes them feel, you are interested in them. Taking care of their interests and observations can help you build a stronger relation. Express joy & interest to your baby.

  1. Play games

Baby responds instantly on simple sequential games and simple movements. Choose developmentally toys as which allows babies to explore and interact.

  1. Set up a safe environment for crawling

Spatial learning is important and your child will begin to discover such as under, near, over etc. Establishing the mental maps of his surroundings and a comfortable relationship with the world.

  1. Sing songs

Enhancing songs such as rhythms, rhymes and languages patterns which help your kid remember and relate to the body motions and finger play.

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