8 Tips For Your Fresh Breath

8 Tips For Your Fresh Breath

Oral hygiene is the most important when it comes with a great smile. Poor dental health can lead to several dental and medical problems related to gum disease, infection, decay, and bone loss. Regular checkups and cleaning can prevent these problems and provide a good oral hygiene. Keeping your oral hygiene, a priority makes you healthy.

Here are 10 tips for your oral health:

1. Brushing: one needs to brush teeth after meals to avoid decay and bad mouth health. Removing food particles between the teeth and gums. If not, after every meal at least twice in a day is necessary. Choose a brush which has a short head and soft bristles to reach out to your edges of your mouth and helps you clean faster.

2. Fluoridated toothpaste: Toothpaste is important as much as the toothbrushes. Use a toothpaste having fluoride, helps to harden the tooth enamel and avoids tooth decay. Do not use toothpaste for just good flavor and smell. Use toothpaste which is effective while cleaning.

3. Brush thoroughly: Brushing your teeth twice in a day is not enough. While the time you are brushing your teeth, it should be for two to three minutes. Do not wash your mouth instantly. Use brushes with soft bristles for better results.

4. Flossing: one should floss on a regular basis for avoiding decay. Flossing has specific motion. Adopt soft and gentle technique to do it.

5. Acidic drinks: Acidic drinks such as aerated drinks and processed fruit juices mixed with flavors leads to dissolving tooth enamel and causes tooth holes. This leads to a toothache and tooth decay. Gums starting eating the tooth. Avoid drinking processed drinks.

6. Sugar intake: limit your sugar intake. Chocolates, sweets and dessert, avoid bad oral health. Increasing sugar eatables may lead to tooth decay. Sugar gets converted into acids when it stays in for long. Avoid eating sugar eatables, if at all you consume do not forget to gaggle.

7. Other than chewing: Do not use your teeth apart from chewing food. It leads to cracks or breaking the teeth. Do not open cans, plastic wrappers and rip packaging with teeth.

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