A Guide to the Atkins diet

A Guide to the Atkins diet

Want to know the diet which guarantees you effective weight loss just by changing your food habits? Atkins Diet is one such plan. Though not scientifically proven, the testimonials of such are truly positive.

What exactly is the Atkins diet?

  • Atkins diet is a low-carbohydrate food regime made in the 1960s by Cardiologist Robert C. Atkins which asks you to change your eating habits and restrict the intake of carbs while focusing on proteins and fats. This diet is suggested to improve your food habits and make corrective steps if you have high blood pressure or any cardiovascular problems and ailments.

How does the Atkins diet work?

  • The main knack of this diet is to increase your protein and fat intake so that your appetite goes down as a result of feeling full for a longer period of time which will automatically reduce the intake of more calories and weight loss!
  • There are 4 phases of this diet named Induction, Balancing, Fine-tuning, and Maintenance.
  • You start by eating high-fat, high protein with low carb vegetables to start the weight loss process. Then you add fiber and fruit, followed by little addition of carbs. The last stage includes making a diet which is medium in carbs and a balanced nutrition for a longer healthier life!

Here are some points you should keep in mind when starting the Atkins Diet!

  1. Have 3-4 meals of the day.
  2. Whether in the form of eggs, meat or seafood, include protein in every meal.
  3. Include natural fats to make your food more digestible.
  4. Avoid Sugar.
  5. Include high fiber green leafy vegetables to increase nutrient consumption.
  6. Have 8-10 glasses of water every day.
  7. Exercise is advisable whether cardio, Zumba, yoga or just brisk walk.
  8. Keep a track of your weight every week.
  9. Plan your meals ahead to avoid cravings and intake of high carb foods.
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