All About A Healthy ‘YOU’

All About A Healthy ‘YOU’

Be it yesterday, today or tomorrow, a fact that won’t change with time is: health is your first wealth. No materialistic thing can be of supreme importance to an individual than health. Everyone is aware about this famous axiom: health is wealth, but just a few are able to actually understand the complexities involved here. If we go deeper, it can be directly related to physical and mental fitness. Both these concepts are strongly correlated, hence to live a happy and a healthy life, it is imperative that they comprehend meticulously.

Physical health:

What is physical health, according to you? Yes, the meaning differs from one individual to the other.  For some, it is the potential to engage in various activities and for some it is all about feeling and looking good. It is obvious that everyone wish to live a healthy life, but hardly anyone gains that a good health life.  So, if you are a determined individual who has already set out on the path of gaining a healthy life, make sure to have a realistic approach and get ready to come out of your comfort zone. As it goes, the first step will always be the hardest. But gradually things will settle down if you remain dedicated and strong by crossing all the hurdles. Though it happens that the first step is taken very seriously, effectively and successfully, but that zeal starts getting low with reaching next levels. This happens due to the common mindset of the people to see results overnight, whereas, this is all about keeping patience and giving utmost efforts. So, set your goals, start reaching them one by one and the initial triumph will surely boost your confidence level and will enable you to accomplish them gradually.

Mental health:

Talking about mental health, it is equivalent to physical fitness and shouldn’t be neglected at all. To stay fit and feel happy, a healthy and active brain is very much responsible for it. No matter how fit and strong you may be physically, but, if your mind is not functioning well, there are high chances that things won’t be easy for you. Being mentally unstable will invite problems like depression, anxiety and many such psychological as well as physical issues.  For an instance, people who are mentally sick will gradually lose the ability to cope with the tough phases, but people with a healthy brain will be easily able to give a tough fight to the challenges thrown at them.

Thus, eat right, exercise regularly, relieve stress and sleep tight – you’ll experience the difference in your health (mental or physical) in no time.

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