Amazing Benefits Of Cinnamon

Amazing Benefits Of Cinnamon

Did you know Ayurveda and Chinese culture has used cinnamon in medicine and kitchen since 1000’s of years? They advocated cinnamon boost energy, vitality and improve heart health! Here are some amazing reasons why you should include Cinnamon in your diet.

1. Aids in lowering blood sugar: Cinnamon imitates the effect of insulin in your blood which lowers glucose in your blood and helps reduce symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Include cinnamon in your morning breakfast or evening tea, the benefits are multi fold.

2. Gives you clear skin: Cinnamon has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds which clears your skin from outside and cleanses your skin from inside. Include cinnamon capsules in your everyday supplement intake or make homemade face packs infused with ground cinnamon.

3. Anti-aging properties: Cinnamon boosts collagen production in your system which improves the elasticity and reduces wrinkles and maturing skin to give you a glow and paired with a good diet you will have younger skin in no time!

4. Manages PCOS: As Cinnamon helps in insulin resistance, women who suffer from PCOS can control the symptoms and manage the effects of infusing Cinnamon in their diet which contributes to controlling sugar cravings.

5. Aids in Weight loss: With antioxidant properties, Cinnamon protects your body from free radicals and reduces bloating and inflammation which gradually helps you to lose weight if paired with proper nutrition and exercise.

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