Effective ways to cure Heartburn

Effective ways to cure Heartburn

Do you have the burning sensation in your chest emerging from the breastbone and spreading to your throat and neck? Chances are you are suffering from heartburn or acid reflux! Here are some effective ways and ingredients with which you can cure indigestion and feel relaxed.

1) Cumin Seeds:

Cumin is easily available in your nearest grocery store. Drink the soaked water to improve assimilation, decreases gas generation, treats acidity and recuperates ulcer.

2) Indian Gooseberry:

Also known as Amla, it is full of Vitamin C which helps to treat and balance your body’s natural digestion system and cool your digestive track.

3) Coriander leaves:

Either you can steep it in your green tea or garnish it on your food, coriander leaves will reduce the heartburn and indigestion while giving you a cool sensation in your system.

4) Basil:

It counteracts corrosiveness, mitigates gas and creates more bodily fluid. Bite 3-4 leaves of Basil as it additionally fixes and decreases the development of gas in the stomach.

5) Cardamom:

It enhances assimilation, eases stomach fit, diminishes torching sensation and cools the body. Next time you make your tea, include it for added flavor and curing acid reflux.

6) Clove:

Naturally calming Clove helps to process and giving prompt alleviation from severe acid reflux. Chew on a clove as soon as you feel that burn building up for immediate relief.

7) Cold Milk:

Did you know milk adjusts the pH balance of your stomach and keeps a tap on all the unsettling gastric influences in your digestive system? So include cold milk and add your favorite mix to it.

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