Hair Massage for your healthy locks!

Hair Massage for your healthy locks!

Oh, you pretty woman, are you avoiding a hair massage just because it hampers your looks? Well, firstly, we would suggest you to indulge in a hair massage. Decide a day, when you are off, or are planning to stay indoors and give a hair massage to yourself. This is necessary and important for your hair health. A head massage, in addition, gives relaxation and calmness. Also, it has some scientific reasons attached, after all, this is something practiced for centuries, including the pressure point theory to maximize the effect.

Let us look further on the importance of a hair massage:

Science behind this:

The current trend has shown up the importance of hair massage again, but a lesser number of ladies are opting for it, majorly because they feel it gives a ‘Desi’ effect!  Well, for all you ladies who really can’t think to give that oily look to your hair, there are dry massages out there which are equally beneficial.  There’s no second thought to the fact that applying oil nourishes one’s hair and also calms the nervous system by tapping into the roots. Connecting to the nerve fibers, it helps to make the roots stronger, indirectly leading to a hair growth.

Moreover, stroking and kneading the scalp can stimulate the nerves and blood vessels beneath the skin relaxing the muscle tension around the head. Studies show that this helps in better secretion of certain chemicals in the body which in turns, lifts up your mood, reduces stress and give you a feeling of relaxation.

There are many important acupressure points on the head – a fact known by all! So, when these pressure points are massaged properly, it improved blood circulation in the head by relaxing the senses and also enhances memory and facilitates clear thinking and understanding.


There are many benefits attached to hair massage. It gives you relief from pain by improving circulation and removing the muscle tension. So, if you are facing the issues like migraines or sinus, this can be of great help! This can even be helpful in improving a state of mind of people going through focused and conscious therapy.

Regular massage can increase oxygen and glucose supply, improve your eyesight and also help in reducing hair loss. The extended benefits involve neck, shoulders, back and spine. Hence, a massage can work wonders, can reduce anxiety, improve joint mobility, provides a sense of peace, calmness and well being.


Not only women, but the head massage benefits are also taken by anyone and everyone who are facing issues like headaches. Even medical practitioners and corporate companies are imbibing the massage sessions to increase productivity, reduce absence, provides ease to the pain of the patients and relax their head muscles.

In short, indulge yourself in head massage and get the magical benefits out of it!

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