Your Guide To Supergreens

Your Guide To Supergreens

A new trend that is circulating in the health world is Supergreens or Microgreens, which are a little addition to your food to enhance the flavor and nutrient content of our serving! 

What are Supergreens?

Super Greens is a small group of greens which comes from the family of algae and grass. They are easily absorbed by the body and are super powerful than the usual green vegetables. Supergreens are helpful in boosting your immunity and toughening your body against various ailments and disease! 

What are the different types of Supergreens?

Some basic supergreens are wheat grass, beet, chinese celery, alfalfa, coriander, Garden cress, Mustards, Radish, along with algae, like as spirulina and chlorella. They all can be consumed in their unprocessed form or in powder, capsule or even juice. 

What are the health benefits of Supergreens?

You will get the benefits of vitamins like A, C, E and K, along with calcium, potassium and magnesium. They are low carbs so you can add it to any serving of breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

How can you add Supergreens to your diet? 

  • Add it to your smoothies. 
  • Add as a garnish to pasta and salads. 
  • Whisk into your desired dressing. 
  • For a healthy snack, stir them into yogurt with some fruits.
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