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Nutra Grace

BC Caps Vaginal Disinfectant - Neem Oil 500mg 30 Capsules

BC Caps Vaginal Disinfectant - Neem Oil 500mg 30 Capsules

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BC Caps contains a blend of 500mg Neem Oil in Gelatin Capsules.

Neem Oil acts as a vaginal disinfectant to treat chronic vaginal infection.

As women are highly prone to vaginal infections, adding Nutra Grace’s BC Caps to the daily routine proves highly beneficial for them. For it contains high-quality neem oil, which offers more benefits than just curing vaginal infection.

It is clinically proven that by inserting two capsules of BC Caps in the Vagina daily before bed can treat all infections in the vagina like Abnormal Discharge, Foul smelling vagina etc with no side effects

 Dosage:  Two B C CAPS to be inserted in the vagina at bed time for 15 days depending on the severity of the infection


BC Caps : Proprietary Blend of Neem Seed Oil 500 mg Hard Gelatin Capsules

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