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Nutra Grace

Nutra Grace Veg DHA

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DHA is a long-chain fatty acid that makes up over 90% of the omega-3 fatty acids in your brain. Research shows DHA to be the king of omega 3 fatty acids, providing all the health benefits of EPA and many more exclusive to DHA, including greater bone density, greater eye health, greater belly fat burning, the greater release of fat-burning hormones, and greater brain and cognitive health. DHA also has been shown to have a profound effect on heart health through its cholesterol and triglyceride-loweringabilities.

 Benefits of using Veg DHACapsules:-

  • Decreased risk of dementia, Alzheimer, and other braindiseases
  • Boosts brain development inchildren
  • Improvesvision
  • Reducesinflammation
  • Improves hearthealth


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