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Vitamin D35K - Vitamin D3 5000 I.U. 30Veg Capsules

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Description  Vitamin D3 capsules provides essential calcium required by the body. It provides optimum levels of the nutrient to ensure healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

Content – Lack of Vitamin D leads to bone brittleness, skin conditions and other health issues. The human body is capable of forming this vitamin with sun exposure using ultraviolet-B rays (UVB). However, changes in  lifestyles, weather conditions and other environmental factors leads to its deficiency of Vitamin D3 in the body.


Benefits –

  • Ideal for individuals with limited sun exposure Also support muscle, heart and overall health
  • Promotes Immune System in the body
  • Maintains the calcium balance; thus, promoting bone and dental health in the body.
  • Vitamin D levels affect the insulin secretion in the body. It therefore, aids diabetes management in the body.
  • Helps increase bone density for elderly and women
  • Beneficial for people recovering from fractures and other bone issues
  • Also support muscle, heart and overall health


D3 5K : Vitamin D3 5000 IU HPMC (Veg) Capsules

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good but it is NOT VEGAN

Change the title and from back of the box claiming vegan.
It is not vegan , it is vegetarian product.

Thachoth Davood

Very good capsules! Daily 1 cap I am using! Vegan cap means vegitable cap!!